As a somatic therapist with a background in integrative health and wellness, I’ve had the honor of guiding hundreds of creatives, entrepreneurs, and seekers to step into their intuitive gifts, develop healthy boundaries, and create lives that embody their values.


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Chakras and Embodiment

Learn the fundamentals of the Chakra system as a way of balancing, restoring, and healing your energy body through movement, creative assignments, community experiences, and ritual.

Franklin Method

Learn techniques that increase flexibility and balance, calm your mind and nervous system, and improve your understanding of how your body works so that it can feel better.

Let’s see what people are saying…

Josie is such a knowledgeable, clear, passionate, vibrant teacher and mentor. Their knowledge of embodied anatomy, bodywork and energy is truly unparalleled. As a voice/ movement teacher and energy worker, I constantly use the incredible things I learn from Josie with my clients and students. I am so grateful to have them and their insight in my life!


She/They, Actor, Teaching Artist, Reiki Practitioner

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Josie in many different environments. With the help of Josie’s mentorship and guidance I have been able to start having a symbiotic and healing relationship with my body. She has helped give me tools to be self sufficient, grounded, and a well rounded human being to benefit not only myself but those around me. I am so lucky to have a mentor and colleague in Josie.

Jeyrie Rodriguez

She/They, Actor

I have had the privilege of knowing Josie, first as a teacher, then later as a collaborator and mentor. She has a clear passion for the body and is able to effectively and inclusively create engaging environments for both personal growth and theatrical exploration. Because of this finely tuned intersection, Josie has helped me become both a better performer and human being.


They/Them, Actor and Writer

Over the past decade, Josie Bray has taught me how to lead with radical self-love, compassion, and actively anti-racist teaching. She's mentored leaders who value physical learning and spiritual practice, offering invaluable knowledge and resources. Josie directed me towards practices aligned with my identity and values. I owe my growth as a teacher, leader, artist, partner, friend, and human being to her guiding light.


He/They, Artistic Director, ParadiseMoves Adjunct Faculty, Emerson College Performing Arts Department

My biggest a-ha moment in this class was the importance of healthy boundaries . . . boundaries between myself and other people; with my spirituality and what I let into my head and my spirit. I am starting to see the shift towards being more patient with myself. Feeling more connected to the earth, the people, and the spirit around me. I think the biggest thing this class has given me is both the hope and the vision of developing healthy habits over time.


She / They, Public Health Professional

I was able to tie some Chakra stuff to some of the anti-racist work I’ve been thinking about and it allowed me to think about what type of world do I want to be working toward? What do I want for people in general? And not just “What are my personal goals?” I feel like I’m learning what practical tools I need to help take care of my different energy centers and how that’s connected. I don’t think I had any habits around that before, and so now I have tools that I can make habits with.


I have honored my needs for rest much more. One of the things I’ve been paying more attention to is this energy input, energy output, and the value that holds in my own body. And I feel like because of that, I’ve been a lot more protective of my boundaries and more intentional of what I am giving my energy to in ways that I was not before. Working at a slower pace does not make me any less valuable as a contributor to society.


She / Her, Dancer

I’ve worked with Josie in numerous settings and she does a fantastic job at making the environment comfortable and safe. I’ve been able to learn so much working with Josie in terms of my own body, thought process, and overall goals. It’s always a pleasure to be in a safe space with someone who is dedicated to helping in more ways than one!

Shay Jean


Josie has taught me tools that are vital. She is able to recognize what you need to move forward in your career and in your life healthier, more stable (and flexible), creative and fulfilled. She works from the foundation up, and I’m so grateful to be building the house of my life with her as my co-architect. Josie is incredible to be mentored by because she practices what she teaches. She has the experience, knowledge, and embodied understanding that makes her a master at what she does.

Willow Lautenberg

She/Her/Hers, Actor

Every session with Josie, I discover something new about myself. Josie truly wants to know how I am every time we connect, and she uses all of her skills to shape our sessions accordingly. Whether it’s Franklin exercises to deal with back pain, breathing exercises to deal with anxiety, or even visualizations to help process difficult life events, Josie has given me a toolkit of daily practices that help me take care of my body and ground and center my mind.

Catherine Siller

She/Her/Hers Choreographer & Multimedia Artist

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