We can heal together:

Through art-making, storytelling, spirit, our bodies and communities.


Hi, I’m Josie Bray

I am a dance and theatre artist, producer, teacher, somatic practitioner, bodyworker, and facilitator.

Ultimately, my work is in service to building new futures for ourselves & our communities.

We can explore previously-concealed, emergent, or liberatory narratives through our words, actions, bodies, energy, community commitments, and art-making.

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Let’s see what people are saying…

Jeyrie Rodriguez


I have had the distinct privilege of working with Josie in many different environments. With the help of Josie’s mentorship and guidance I have been able to start having a symbiotic and healing relationship with my body. After taking Josie’s movement class, I have been completely in tune and embodied, and have tools to continue developing that relationship for the rest of my life. Outside of our time in a classroom, Josie has always made it a point to encourage and help me be at my best. She has helped give me tools to be self sufficient, grounded, and a well rounded human being to benefit not only myself but those around me. I am so lucky to have a mentor and colleague in Josie.


Jace Ziev


Actor and Writer

I have had the privilege of knowing Josie, first as a teacher, then later as a collaborator and mentor. She has a clear passion for the body and is able to effectively and inclusively create engaging environments for both personal growth and theatrical exploration. Because of this finely tuned intersection, Josie has helped me become both a better performer and human being.

Tyler Catanella

Artistic Director, ParadiseMoves
Adjunct Faculty, Emerson College Performing Arts Department

Over the past decade, Josie Bray has taught me as both a student and colleague how to lead through radical self-love and compassion. She exemplifies the importance of practicing actively anti-racist teaching in all communities. She has mentored leaders like myself who understand the importance of physical learning and the body’s integration into spiritual practice by giving us the knowledge and resources we never otherwise would have had access to. Josie has helped me throughout my career by directing me towards resources in alignment with my identity and values.

Josie never taught at me; she taught with me.

Josie understands: What’s fair is not always equal. The world would be a better place if all leaders and teachers practiced equity the way that Josie does. Josie shows that being a great leader means continuously striving to be a better ally. Josie’s practice has shaped how I and so many others teach and lead our communities through anti-racist and trauma-informed practices.

I would not be the teacher, leader, artist, partner, friend or human being I am today without Josie’s guiding light. Through both light and shadow, she has always pushed me to be the best version of myself. She has enriched my life with her guidance, wisdom and compassion beyond words. She paves the way through her own practice; by continuing to expand, listen and grow herself, she inspires me to do the same. I am so blessed to teach with her, to learn from her, and to live alongside her.

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