Echoes of Trevor: Coming Out Stories

August 11, 2022


As a producer and creator, I made the decision years ago that I would funnel the majority of my public creative efforts into bringing historically marginalized and silenced voices to the forefront.

I’ve seen how time and time again, a piece of art or theatre can open people’s hearts – to healing, to supportive community, to greater love and acceptance of ourselves and each other.

When I began working on Trevor The Musical in 2012, I knew in my heart that this play had the potential to really make an impact on kids and on adults. It was this hopeful fire in my heart that fueled me as I shepherded this musical through the ups and downs of the theatre world.

Having Trevor stream on Disney+ was such a dream come true because it made this musical accessible to people across the globe — not just those in NYC.

Over the past few months, people have reached out to let us know that after they’ve watched Trevor on Disney+ with their families, their children have felt safe enough to come out as gay or transgender.

It is so humbling to receive those messages.

If you are an artist, remember: Your art can have far-reaching effects that you may never know.



Photo by Joan Marcus


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