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Frequently Asked


Where have you trained?

Please see My Training and Mentors, Elders, & Ancestors pages for more info.

How can I work with you?

Weekly drop-in Franklin Method Zoom classes

Come learn how to move and feel better with the Franklin Method Wednesdays and Fridays at noon eastern time. $5-30 sliding scale. More info and signup here.


21-Day Meditation Reboot

Learn to quiet your mind and develop a regular meditation practice that you can actually stick to. Coming soon! Sign up for my free Meditation Care Package to receive more info once this is available.


Hands-on bodywork

Hands-on bodywork sessions are offered in-person in Lowell, Boston, and Cambridge areas of MA. Virtual Zoom sessions are available worldwide.

Together we’ll come up with a plan to address your goals and concerns. I’ll incorporate multiple modalities where appropriate, including: Reiki, Franklin Method, Yoga, breathwork, meditation, Pilates, trigger point therapy, among other modalities.

Inquire here to learn more.


Mentorship and coaching

Mentorship is primarily focused on embodied and somatic practice as a way to find purpose, structure, joy, and play.

I work one-on-one with leaders and those aspiring in their fields through a combination of movement, meditation, reading, journaling, and time management.

While many of my clients are actors and dancers, I have been working with clients in a variety of fields. We meet over Zoom once every 2-3 weeks.

Inquire here to learn more.


Chakras & Embodiment

Learn the fundamentals of the Chakra system as a way of finding balance, restoring health, and working with your energy body. This course is unique in that it incorporates art, ritual, community, and focuses on somatic awareness and embodiment as a means of learning and deepening your experience.

You will develop tools and daily practices to help you stay grounded, elevate your self-care and spiritual connection, take skillful action, and ease your mind-body-spirit.

This 12-week program is offered annually.

Sign up here for the waitlist for more info and to be notified once enrollment re-opens.


Meditation Care Package (free)

Build calm, stability, and clarity with these three guided meditations. Suitable for all levels, even beginners. Click here to receive it for free.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I offer a variety of courses and programs at varying price points because I do not want finances to be a barrier to working with me.

That being said, teaching is how I support my family, so I am not able to offer every course at a sliding scale rate. I have a very small number of slots for individual coaching on a sliding scale rate.

If you are a person who is experiencing housing, income, or food insecurity or you come from an oppressed community such as trans or BIPOC, please feel free to contact me directly here to inquire about sliding scale spots.

What are your anti-oppression practices?

See the Collective Liberation Page page for more info.

How could I make theatre with you?

You can contact me about co-creating theatre together here.