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Drop-In Class

Frankin Method

If you are looking for a somatic practice that is anatomically based, reduces tension, and improves your sense of well-being, the Franklin Method is for you! In these drop-in classes, students bring a topic they would like to work on or explore. I craft the class around these requests. We use embodiment practices, movement, images, and functional anatomy to help calm our nervous systems and improve the way our bodies feel, move, and behave.

1:1 Sessions

Somatic Therapy

If you’re looking for a body-based alternative to traditional talk therapy or to physical therapy, Somatic Therapy is for you. I offer two types of Somatic Therapy: one for using the body to reduce anxiety and trauma symptoms, the other for reducing bodily pain symptoms due to acute injury, overuse, poor posture, or repetitive strain.

1:1 Sessions

Shamanic Healing

If you’re looking for spiritual energy work, Shamanic Healing is for you. These sessions use journeying, drumming, and energy work to heal and integrate past wounds and connect with our guides, protectors, power animals, and allies.

Group Mentorship

Chakras and Embodiment

If you are looking to become more literate in the energy body and the Chakra system, you will love Chakras and Embodiment! In this nine-month program, we will take an embodied approach to learning about the Chakra system. We will approach this energy system through both discussion and practice.

Group Mentorship

Shamanic practitioner Training

Do you feel drawn to becoming an energy healer? Join me and my colleague Lisa Crowley for a Shamanic Practitioner training. We are developing a cohort of practitioners to learn how to cultivate practice through energy work, ritual, ancestors and guides. We will work with sound, the body, meditation, and trance states.

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