Mentorship Inquiry

I work one-on-one with artists, leaders, and those aspiring in their fields through a combination of movement, meditation, reading, journaling, and time management.  I work with clients in a variety of fields to help them find purpose, structure, joy, play, and ease while increasing effectiveness and efficiency in meaningful work.  We meet over Zoom once every 2-3 weeks.

To begin a conversation about this, send me an email at hello [at] Josie Bray [dot] com.

Let’s see what people are saying…

Shay Jean


I’ve worked with Josie in numerous settings and she does a fantastic job at making the environment comfortable and safe. I’ve been able to learn so much working with Josie in terms of my own body, thought process, and overall goals. It’s always a pleasure to be in a safe space with someone who is dedicated to helping in more ways than one!

Willow Lautenberg


Josie has taught me tools that are vital, not only to my acting career, but in my personal life as well . . . what makes Josie’s mentorship so special: she doesn’t give you what you think you need (in my case: tools to stop procrastinating). She is able to recognize what you actually need to move forward in your career and in your life healthier, more stable (and flexible), creative and fulfilled than you were before. She works from the foundation up, and I’m so grateful to be building the house of my life with her as my co-architect.

Josie is incredible to work with and be mentored by because she practices what she teaches, each and every day. She has the experience, knowledge, and embodied understanding that makes her a master at what she does

Catherine Siller

Choreographer & Multimedia Artist

Every session with Josie, I discover something new about myself. Our work started with targeted physical exercises but became a much larger exploration of mind and body. Josie truly wants to know how I am every time we connect, and she uses all of her skills to shape our sessions accordingly. Whether it’s Franklin exercises to deal with back pain, breathing exercises to deal with anxiety, or even visualizations to help process difficult life events, Josie has given me a toolkit of daily practices that help me take care of my body and ground and center my mind.