Chakras & Embodiment

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Nine-Month Online Group Program

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Learn the fundamentals of the Chakra System as a way of balancing, restoring, and healing your energy body.

Included in the Nine-Month Program

Twice-a-Month Community Class + Discussion

2-hour live via Zoom, recording available for those who cannot attend in person. Connect and process your experiences in supportive community.

Monthly Somatic-Based Movement Class

60 minute movement class live via Zoom. Recording available for those who cannot attend. Movement classes with be built around the Chakra work of each module and can be practiced over and over again.

Journal Prompts, Art Projects, and Rituals

Prompts, creative projects, practices, and spiritual coaching to connect to your Chakras and the world around you — this program is about embodiment and practice, not just intellect.

3 Embodiment and Meditation Videos per Month

3 short practices (5-15 minutes each) offered each month to help you weave these concepts and practices into your daily life in a practical, sustainable way.

Private Facebook Group

Continue the conversation and bond with other participants in our private Facebook Group.

Q & A Calls

Josie will answer your written questions each week in the online forum. Zoom Q & A calls are also held several times throughout the 9 months.

Join the waitlist!

Nine-Month Online Group Program

Be the first to know when enrollment opens in 2024

What sets this program apart?

You will emerge with a practical understanding of the subtle factors that can either help you thrive or struggle and the best ways for you to feel more balanced, whole, and able to make more positive change in the world.

Embodied Exploration: Go Beyond Theory

The class is hands-on, intentionally built to be experiential instead of theoretical. Each month you will learn practical skills, tools, and experiences to better understand which parts of your energy body are overworking and which parts are underworking.

A Tapestry Of Global Perspectives

We use methods from ancient lineages and indigenous practices, as well as those from modern western perspectives, to help you understand how your energy centers affect each other, your relationships, and the world around you.

Building your web of interconnection

Deeply connect to your body, to your creativity, to your health, to the community, and to your spirituality. Learn how to bring each Chakra into better balance with itself and with the greater whole.

who is this for?

This program is for people who:

  • are interested in having an embodied and practical experience of the Chakra system
  • are interested in structured assignments
  • are interested in creative, artistic, somatic, and ritual experiences
  • want to be in community: Learning from others’ experiences and in sharing their own
  • have some (or no) Chakra knowledge
  • know about the Chakras but have not had an embodied experience of them
  • have some (or no) experience with meditation and are looking to grow their practice
  • are interested in their own well-being and healing, and how it can improve not only their lives but those around them

who is this not for?

This program is not for people who:

  • are experienced Yoga or Chakra practitioners (10+ years)
  • have studied the Vedas or the Tantric Yogic practices for many years
  • believe their healing is solely an individual experience
  • are seeking a replacement for a licensed mental health counselor (this course does not replace psychotherapy)

What will we do each month?

  • Month 1: Introduction
  • Month 2: First Chakra
  • Month 3: Second Chakra
  • Month 4: Third Chakra
  • Month 5: Fourth Chakra
  • Month 6: Fifth Chakra
  • Month 7: Sixth Chakra
  • Month 8: Seventh Chakra
  • Month 9: Integration

Modules Include:

  • Twice-a-Month Community calls on zoom. Recordings available for those who cannot attend live.
  • Monthly Embodiment Class (60+ minutes, attend live or view recording)
  • “Know Your Chakra” Guide
  • Written support in the online community forum
  • 3 shorter videos (5-15 minutes each) of meditations and embodiment practices
  • Rituals and activities for strengthening your connection to the Chakras
  • Journal and writing prompts
  • Prayers, Intentions, and Litanies
  • Mutual support from other participants in our online community group

Additional Support Includes:

  • Q&A Calls
  • Mutual support from other participants in our online community forum
  • Activities to integrate and weave together what you’ve already learned
  • Opportunity to go back and revisit activities; invitations to dive deeper or to rest
  • Bonus journal prompts and rituals
  • More surprise bonuses!

About Your Facilitator

Josie brings over two decades of work as a theatre and dance artist, producer, teacher, and facilitator. She is a lead Producer on Trevor the Musical and is a former adjunct faculty member of Emerson College where she taught Movement for Actors, Improvisation, and Dance.

Josie has trained Broadway actors from the casts of The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys, Beautiful, Les Miserables, Chicago and professional dancers from Boston Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Pina Bausch, Los Angeles Ballet, The Bang Group, City Ballet of Boston, The Cleveland Ballet, Urbanity Dance Company, among others.

Josie has directed and choreographed Off-Broadway and Regionally in Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, and New York, as well as at concert dance halls and universities. She worked as Assistant Director on the 2009 Broadway Revival of Ragtime.

Learn if this Program is right for you

In workshops and private sessions, you will learn:

Let’s see what people are saying…

My biggest a-ha moment was the importance of healthy boundaries . . . boundaries between myself and other people; with my spirituality and what I let into my head and my spirit; boundaries that I keep with myself to help keep myself from spiraling into negative thoughts. I am starting to see the gradual shift towards being more patient with myself. Feeling more connected to the earth around me, the people around me, and to my own sense of spirituality. I think the biggest thing this class has given me is both the hope and the vision of getting to that point and developing those habits over time.


She / They Public Health Professional

I was able to tie some Chakra stuff to some of the anti-racist work I’ve been thinking about and it allowed me to think about what type of world do I want to be working toward? What do I want for people in general? And not just “What are my personal goals?” I feel like I’m learning what practical tools I need to help take care of my different energy centers and how that’s connected. I don’t think I had any habits around that before, and so now I have tools that I can make habits with.


I have honored my needs for rest much more. One of the things I’ve been paying more attention to is this energy input, energy output, and the value that holds in my own body. And I feel like because of that, I’ve been a lot more protective of my boundaries and more intentional of what I am giving my energy to in ways that I was not before. Working at a slower pace does not make me any less valuable as a contributor to society.


She / Her Dancer


Do you take insurance?
No. I do not take insurance. I do offer some sliding scale rates and scholarships for those in financial need.
What can I expect during the initial consultation?
The free consult call is to determine if we are a match for each other. If you are interested in one on one work or in one of my higher priced trainings, this is a great time for us to get to know each other and for you to determine if how I work is a match for how you are looking to grow and change. It's also a great time for me to determine if how you work is a match for how I am looking to mentor and guide. It's best to prepare for this call with any questions you have about the way I work as well as to bring in any issues to discuss that you are working with or working through that you hope we might be able to work on together.
What is the cost and time commitment?
I have offerings at different price points in an attempt to serve people of multiple income levels. Weekly Franklin Method is at a pay what you choose rate, starting at $15, and is drop-in as you choose and is also available as self-study rental videos. Weekly or BiWeekly One on One Somatic Therapy is $2000 for a pack of 10 sessions that last 60-75 minutes. You begin by committing to 10 sessions and to practicing in between our sessions. Plan on giving yourself at least an hour after our sessions to integrate the work. Shamanic healing happens in sessions that last two-three hours. We book the full three hours and then use the appropriate amount of time for what is happening in your life. The first hour is $225 and the following hours are pay what you choose. Please clear your schedule for the rest of the day following our session as it can take several hours to integrate. The healing is much more likely to stick if you rest afterward and if you practice for at least two weeks daily following our session. I offer various self study courses at $21. The price point for the upcoming Chakras and Embodiment training, which is a combination of guided group work on zoom, community learning, and self study, has not been set yet. There will be a scholarship program available for that course.
Do you offer scholarships?
I do offer scholarships for my more expensive courses and sliding scale rates for one on one work. Sliding scale individual work currently has a waitlist of 9-12 months.
How long does it take to see results?
Each offering has its own timeline. I have seen folks get immediate results with Shamanic work and with Franklin Method. Somatic therapy can help reduce trauma and anxiety symptoms for some people within just a few sessions. It can also take longer, depending on the person. I recommend that you book a call to discuss your personal situation and what might work for you.
How do I get started?
Start by booking a call here.
Do you offer in person sessions?
Many of my sessions are on zoom. I offer some in-person one on one sessions in my home office in Lowell, Massachusetts. Contact me if this is how you hope to work. Group classes, both in person and online, can be found on my Events page .
What's your teaching schedule?
Click on the Events page to see my public teaching schedule.
What practices do you teach?
My work is primarily rooted in Shamanic Practice, Tantric and Vedic Yoga, and Modern Trauma research. However, my training comes from over two decades in the wellness industry and in the performing arts, and the techniques I use reflect that eclectic gathering of practices. In our one on one work I create a tailored program specifically for you. I will always do my best to cite the origins of the practices we are doing. If you'd like to see the various ways I've been trained, cick here.
What if I cannot attend the zoom sessions? Will it be recorded?
Sessions for Franklin Method and Chakras & Embodiment are recorded.

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