Shamanic practitioner Training

Shamanic practitioner Training

Do you feel drawn to becoming an energy healer?

There are so many ways in. Each of us needs to find our own way. Ultimately, this journey is your own. Are you feeling ready to commit to your path?

Join Josie Bray and Lisa Crowley as we explore some of the ways in for a 12 month Shamanic Practitioner Training.

Shamanic healing practice connects us to the land, to ourselves, and our existence within humanity. We’ll cultivate a practice with our guides and ancestors, with the elements, and with open hearts.

Upcoming Training -- Spring 2024

Old keys don’t open new doors. This training will give you new keys to unlock new parts of yourself, to develop versatility, and to be intentional about building your practice of being a healer. The course is designed with personal mentorship, hands-on practice, and practical skills in mind.

Our current curriculum (subject to change) is as follows

-Tools for Grounding, Connection to the Breath, Trauma Processing, Meditation, and Mindfulness

-Shamanic Journeying

-Finding Guides, Allies, and Protectors

-Calling the directions

-Changing our relationship to the land and to the elements

-The Chakra System

-Pendulum usage

-Chakra Balancing

-Sound Healing (Voice)


-Soul Retrieval


-Land and House Clearings

-Karmic Release

-Ceremony Design and Creation

our curriculum


Learn techniques of deep meditation, energy work, trauma healing, setting sacred space, the body, breath, journeying and trance states, introspection, extraction, psychopomp, mind management, energetic and psychic protection and boundaries, sound healing, pendulums, chakra work, psychic tools, house and land clearing, and ceremony creation.


We are currently registering practitioners for our 12 month training which will begin in March 2024. The course will take place in person, in the Lowell/Chelmsford MA area.


We will meet one weekend per month, and each meeting will cost $275. A deposit of $275 reserves your spot.


We require each participant to have one session with each Josie and Lisa before coming to the first class meeting.

Dates 2024

The first four dates of the 2024 training are: Saturday March 30, Saturday April 27, Sunday May 19 (tentative), Saturday June 29.


We will take July and August off and will announce the fall dates later this spring.

Want to Contact On Zoom once every 2-3 weeks.

We meet over Zoom once every 2-3 weeks.

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